What is Your Inspiration?

Creative inspiration is one of the elements of good design. I have been fortunate to have found inspiration when travelling, networking and attending various seminars and tours of other great architectural projects.

In today’s business climate, one of the first resources is the internet. It is here where you may find many different types of inspiration – pictures, articles, videos and commentary from many artists who use various types of medium. Just take a moment or two to research The Louvre in Paris, The Vatican in Rome, Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City or the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto. These are places that house centuries of completed work that was inspired by the life and time of each artist.

In architecture, inspiration, is part of the creative process which marks the beginning of each design. It is where the energy for the project starts, changes and flows into what will become a unique custom home.

I am often asked where I find my inspiration?

Here is an honest answer; My clients!

The relationship that you begin with each client sets the foundation for inspiration. The many conversations where we discuss and share how they will actually live in their home contributes to the creative process.

I’d like to have lots of windows to enjoy the light
We’d like to watch the sun rise and set from the living room
In the summer, I’d like to enjoy my morning coffee from a cozy balcony
I love to entertain, so I need a big kitchen with an island
I’d really like to have a big covered porch

These conversations create visual images that soon become a floor plan where a design style emerges and a foundation is built on what will become their new home.

So the next time you’re about to begin a new project, don’t forget to ask: What will be your inspiration? A conversation may spark a great idea!

John Williams
Architectural Designer