Membership and Mentorship

Creative inspiration is part of every design and as a veteran in the industry I’ve had my share of moments incorporating elements from various sources. Travel is one of my greatest inspirations, whether in Italy, Spain, France, the Islands or the United States. Visiting historical buildings that have stood the test of time is an inspiration not only from a design perspective but in the engineering of the structure.

I often mention that there are many talented craftsmen who bring the design to life but first you need to create a design that combines not only unique visual elements but what I call good bones for construction.

We have recently become members of the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art because I’ve reached a point in my career where I’m looking to expand my resources for inspiration. With a membership office in New York City, educational seminars and trips abroad these practical benefits appeal to my sense of inspiration. I am looking forward to meeting some of my contemporaries who have inspired me over the years as part of the creative process.

I was recently interviewed on the topic of mentorship and inspirational mentors. From my perspective, membership and mentorship go hand in hand. After 45 years in business, I now have the practical knowledge to pass along to technologists, craftsman and builders on the execution of the pretty pictures.

I’m often called to job sites to trouble shoot on projects where the language of good design has been lost between the designer and practical building techniques. My experience as a developer, contractor and architectural designer combine all of the talents required for seamless execution.

At this stage in my career, mentorship aligns with a responsibility to mentor others in the industry who are willing to learn the techniques that I’ve acquired throughout a lifetime of experience. As we all know, the basics are found in books, but industry experience rounds out our knowledge.

I’m looking forward to my continued journey as both a Mentor and Mentee and meeting those who share my enthusiasm found within the membership of the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art.

Here’s to a new inspiration!

John Williams
Architectural Designer
Williams Residential Design