The business of architectural design has changed many times in 46 years of business, but, one thing that does not change is the process for design. Jenny and I have worked together for over 14 years. A collaborative relationship based on a platform of mentorship.

As an architectural technologist, Jenny takes my hand drawings and brings them to life in AutoCAD. A computer program that provides what we used to call blueprints, that are used for building permit and construction.

We have established not only a strategic partnership but friendship over the years that is based on mutual respect and loyalty.

As with any business relationship, you build a foundation of trust and respect not only for each other but for the work. The expertise we share leads to developing an attitude of loyalty that encourages confidence.

We have shared a lot of laughs and my business has grown into a boutique firm known for its attention to detail with a final set of drawings that sets us apart from the competition. Jenny has played a part in contributing to that reputation.

In today?s fast paced business environment, loyalty is an important ingredient to success. The other component is trust. I have designed over 1,000 homes in my career and protecting copyright is part of our ongoing business relationship. Ensuring that as a team we protect my designs which have become recognizable in the community is important to the reputation of the firm.

Our age of technology has created the importance of securing the designs and when you dig a little deeper; my firm owns the rights for 50 years after I decide to retire. Jenny has been an integral part of that security, cataloguing the electronic files for many years.

I have won many awards in Ontario, Canada and the United States and as a firm we are proud our reputation. Our clients give us the privilege of building homes that are enjoyed for many generations.

There are a few things that I have learned throughout the years about success:

1) Choose your strategic partners with care – skill and personality go hand in hand

2) Loyalty and trust are the foundation for ongoing success

3) Appreciate the expertise of your team; it is a collaborative effort

4) Not everyone is your client; you need a market niche

5) Business emerges, changes and evolves – you need to be resilient

Designing houses is not only what I do for a living; but it is what I love to do?and I thank everyone who works on our projects and shares their own brand of expertise. Special thanks to Jenny, for all her hard work and dedication. I appreciate the trust and loyalty we?ve established through our strategic partnership.

John Williams is the principle architectural designer for Williams Residential Design. A boutique firm with 46 years of experience.

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