How long is a piece of string?

Looking at a new design project for your home? In our instantaneous technology world it is quite common for people to ask: What is a concept design? How long will it take?

There are many components that fall into a good design and most often it will take more than one solution for each client and project. We need to remember that designs are hand drawn and every designer will have his/her own questionnaire that will assist with the selection process. For example square footage, lot size and number of rooms is part of the basic questions asked during the interview process.

Our approach consumes great amounts of time and the results always justify the effort.

There are 5 basic elements included in every design project:

Order: the scope of the project, where it will be located and how the family typically uses their space

Proportion: room sizes, and location of rooms are all part of the overall proportion used in both the interior and exterior of your home

Hierarchy: which rooms take precedence to your family and will be used most often and where would you like them to be in the layout? ie. Main floor master bedrooms are now considered a selling feature in any new custom home

Balance: relates to the feeling and distribution of square footage on each level so that it is naturally pleasing not only to the eye but as you walk from room to room

Scale: should not be mistaken for size; rooms of completely different size can share the same scale when completed within a floor plan

Sound like a lot to consider. This is the tip of the iceberg so finding a designer that has the skills, expertise and passion for his/her work will assist with ensuring that your wish list comes to life and that your home will be one that stands the test of time.

How long does this take? Our reply: Until it’s perfect!

John Williams – Williams Residential Design