Design Symphony

On a recent trip to the historical city of Boston it occurred to me that one of the most important components with any design project is light.

The shape and form of the architecture is of course important but how people feel when they visit the building will be remembered for years to come.

The symphony begins when we marry light with form.

Some of the musical notes before a pencil hits the paper:

Where does the sun shine on the lot?
Where will the family spend most of its time? How is light reflected inside the house?
Will this family have a garden; do we need to include a pool; will they enjoy a hot tub and where will the sun need to shine?
What type of lighting will be required to enjoy the outdoor space?

This usually requires a site visit so that the designer can become familiar with the surroundings and look beyond the lot size to things like neighbourhood, street scape, and orientation within the community. This footprint will determine key design elements and sing for many years to come.

Communication is critical with members of the family to ensure that the house they share will meet their needs now and into the future.

A questionnaire will most often be used to assist our design team with the practical elements combine this with over 2,000 mathematical equations that are required before we begin to lay the bricks and mortar provides the notes for success.

A symphony of details that with experience, result in a custom designed home that will be enjoyed for generations.

Let the music begin!

John Williams @ Williams Residential Design