Design Process

Our Design Process

The design process is unique to each firm and after 45 years in business we have a developed a system that incorporates your lifestyle choices into each unique design. The best recommendation is a referral and we have built our reputation on many years of happy clients.

Step 1

• This is where the inspiration begins - Bubble Drawings
• Collaborate with you on your vision
• Discuss your lifestyle choices
• Create a budget
• Complete a site analysis

Step 2

• Create the schematic design
• Review the site plan
• Discuss the floor plan with furniture placement

Step 3

The elastic band…we review, revise and tweak the schematic design.

Step 4

• Preliminary front elevation
• We adjust the design based on feedback

Step 5

• Present the colour rendering
• Confirm final design drawings and floor plans
• Review a rough estimate on the construction budget

Step 6

Complete the working drawings for permit.

Step 7

Complete construction and enjoy your new custom home!