Design = Mathematical Equations

Im sure we’ve all heard that the devil is in the details. That is very true when hiring an architect. It’s not only about good design, curb appeal and translating your dreams into reality it is all about proportion, scale, texture and aesthetics.

Trigonometry, geometry, calculus and algebra are used throughout the design process as well as the Pythagorean Theorem which combines many mathematical theories taking into consideration size, shape, mass and repetition of proportion.

I’m sure no one has totalled the number of calculations? It’s like taking a puzzle and combining all of the pieces to create a design that families will enjoy for generations.

How about the Golden Proportion? This is used to create universal beauty in both natural and build environments. It is a complicated theory that was first discovered and used in antiquity during the Golden Age of Greece and is still used today. The symbol is found on our business card. Just think of all the historical buildings that are thousands of years old and we visit each year that have become a part of history.

Let’s remember, your house is no different. You may renovate, alter or change its appearance but unless its torn down it will be found at your address for years to come.

Here are a few places that math is used:

roof lines
ceiling heights
room dimensions
windows and doors
structural elements such as beams, trusses and joists
visual details like porches, shutters, dormers, brackets
lot coverage and square footage are all mathematically coordinated to fit together and become your unique design.

The next time you see a house that has been around for a number of years consider all the thought, care, love and attention that goes into the details.

John Williams