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I was recently invited to a party celebrating 25 years in business. It was wonderful to be able to meet with other folks in the industry in a relaxed environment and raise a glass or two to commemorate the dedication and commitment to a colleague and his success.

It got me thinking.

We never seem to take the time to enjoy our accomplishments big and small. I for one, seem to run from one project to the next with the thrill of a new design with happy clients.

Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to have won many awards and been featured in both local and national magazines. It still surprises me to see my designs in print and I always feel it is an honour to be recognized by your peers. Every project is a collaboration between the family, designer and builder – you honestly can’t have one without the other for the project to be successful. Celebrating as a team is another form of thank you!

At our firm, when we complete a project, we thank the builder and their trades for a job well done. We take our team out for lunch for all the work that is done behind the scenes and usually organize a tour before the house is move in ready.

It is exhilarating and satisfying to see each design come to life!

What is the best part of any celebration? It always leaves me with a smile is when the family says I love my house and you know that it will be enjoyed for many years and generations.

This party, was to celebrate with Frank Bandiera, someone who I have known for many years. It was heartwarming to meet with his family, friends and colleagues and participate in this special commemorative occasion.

I would like to congratulate Frank on all of his accomplishments as both a designer, father and friend. He demonstrates the dedication and professionalism to the industry that paves the way for future generations of success. I’m sure he will celebrate many more projects with smiles, accolades and accomplishments.

It was an honour to be invited and it has left me with a new perspective on the art of celebrating.

Enjoy not only your accomplishments but those of your friends and colleagues! It is a great way to recognize success – celebrate!

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