Have you ever walked into a room and something just doesn’t look right? It could be height of the baseboard which will skew your eye and line of sight to both the ambience and d’cor.

Did you know that there is a formula for your baseboards based on ceiling height? Bigger is not necessarily better with baseboards.

Here is a quick reference when determining the size of your baseboards:

Ceiling Height
11 Feet
10 Feet
8-9 Feet
8 inches
6-3/4 inches
5-1/2 inches

Here are a few other helpful hints:

1) bases with flattened profiles
2) chunky projecting caps

Use a shoe mold to conceal the crack between the floor and the baseboard and paint the mould to match the baseboard or stain to match the floor. This is an easy solution when the flooring isn’t exactly square to the wall.

Now when you walk into a room you will have confidence and notice the details.


John @ Williams Residential Design