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Membership and Mentorship

Creative inspiration is part of every design and as a veteran in the industry I’ve had my share of moments incorporating elements from various sources. Travel is one of my greatest inspirations, whether in Italy, Spain, France, the Islands or the United States. Visiting historical buildings that have stood the test of time is an inspiration not […]

Design = Mathematical Equations

Im sure we’ve all heard that the devil is in the details. That is very true when hiring an architect. It’s not only about good design, curb appeal and translating your dreams into reality it is all about proportion, scale, texture and aesthetics. Trigonometry, geometry, calculus and algebra are used throughout the design process as […]


Did you know… there are a few rules to consider when using Shutters Historically, shutters were used to provide security, privacy and protection from the weather. Today, shutters are used aesthetically as an ornamentation on outside windows. Here are a few tips to consider: Sizing shutters should be used on single windows each panel should […]


The use of a portico is to not only provide protection from the elements but to transition between the exterior and interior of your home. Visual appeal depends not only on the functional elements but overall measurements, roof pitch, materials and proportion. Below you will find a few diagrams that best describe how to use: […]

Design Symphony

On a recent trip to the historical city of Boston it occurred to me that one of the most important components with any design project is light. The shape and form of the architecture is of course important but how people feel when they visit the building will be remembered for years to come. The […]

How long is a piece of string?

Looking at a new design project for your home? In our instantaneous technology world it is quite common for people to ask: What is a concept design? How long will it take? There are many components that fall into a good design and most often it will take more than one solution for each client […]


Have you ever walked into a room and something just doesn’t look right? It could be height of the baseboard which will skew your eye and line of sight to both the ambience and d’cor. Did you know that there is a formula for your baseboards based on ceiling height? Bigger is not necessarily better […]