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Copyright and Legacy Planning

If you work in a creative business and are building a portfolio of work based on your talent this may be of interest to you and your career. There is an old proverb that says: “A word to the wise: to be forewarned is to be forearmed.” My name is John Williams, I’ve been an […]

A Leap of Faith

My firm recently completed a large scale estate project for a wonderful Canadian client.  This led me to think about the design process and the role that hand sketches and imagination play in the work. When the firm was engaged, I made numerous rough sketches, floor plans, elevations and thumbnail perspectives to illustrate my thoughts. […]

Celebrate Success

I was recently invited to a party celebrating 25 years in business. It was wonderful to be able to meet with other folks in the industry in a relaxed environment and raise a glass or two to commemorate the dedication and commitment to a colleague and his success. It got me thinking. We never seem […]

A Passion Project?

Have you ever had one of those perfect clients? You know, the one’s that give you the creative freedom to design their dream house! Throughout my career, I have had many what would fit that description and with some, I have designed a number of houses throughout their lifetime. I recently met a husband and […]

Collaboration and Like-minded Individuals

After 47 years in business you establish a work ethic that attracts other like-minded individuals. This house begins a new design style for our firm, one that stared with a client who was interested in something unique and different for this rebuild. Along the journey, we’ve had the pleasure of recommending Virginia Burt of Virginia Burt Designs […]

Monster Homes

There is a trend that has been around for a few years that is currently in the news and it involves the gentrification of neighbourhoods that were built in the 50’s and 60’s. They have large lots, mature trees, updated services and most often amenities that are convenient for families. I started my career, 46 years […]

The Technology Craze and Design

When you’ve been in business for 45 years you’ve seen a lot of changes in your industry. I remember the days when we had to hand draw both design and permit drawings for submission. I’ve had a lot of white shirts that needed the cuffs replaced! Today, of course, everything is on computer! Is it […]

What is Your Inspiration?

Creative inspiration is one of the elements of good design. I have been fortunate to have found inspiration when travelling, networking and attending various seminars and tours of other great architectural projects. In today’s business climate, one of the first resources is the internet. It is here where you may find many different types of […]

Rubik’s Cube + Architectural Design

The design process usually starts with a few complex questions: How long will this take? When will I receive a permit? Questions that speak to a complicated process that includes both time and patience. We begin the process with a dialogue that involves inspiration, collaboration and arithmetic. Inspiration creates good design. Every project is different based on […]