A Passion Project?

Have you ever had one of those perfect clients? You know, the one’s that give you the creative freedom to design their dream house!

Throughout my career, I have had many what would fit that description and with some, I have designed a number of houses throughout their lifetime.

I recently met a husband and wife team that were not only a pleasure to work with, but, design for. What has been different about this experience is that it took me outside my comfort zone and into something I would describe as a passion project.

Let me first explain, I am a classicist, with a Masters in Architecture. I’ve been in a creative business my entire career, 47 years to be exact. If you visit my web site you will notice a very distinct design style – one that I have not only become known for but truly enjoy.

This project, has opened a door that I didn’t think I’d revisit with a style that combines both Arts and Crafts with Modern. It is my interpretation of a new way of living to meet the needs of today’s families. The key components are light, proportion and scale – not uncommon in all of the houses I design, but for this project when you combine it with a new set of materials you end up with something new. The feeling is organic, the site is unique and we have been able to connect this house to the ground with many unique outdoor features.

As with all projects, it was a collaborative effort, not only with a builder (Andy Jonkman Construction) but Landscape Architect (Virginia Burt Designs) and I thank them both for the expertise they brought to the project and what I think is now a whole new design style for my firm. To everyone who worked on the project thank you for building a home that has this comment from not only the homeowners but the neighbours:


I’m looking forward to the next passion project.

Designing houses is not only what I do for a living,

but it is what I love to do.


John Williams is the principle architectural designer for Williams Residential Design. A boutique firm with over 47 years of experience.
Visit John @williamsresidentialdesign.ca

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